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Project Overview

Services Provided:
- Website redesign
- Website development
- Website maintenance
- Google Analytics account management
- Photography

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Website design process

1. Consultation:

In a personalized meeting, either in person or virtually, we delve into your business, exploring aspects such as customer interaction, your current website pain points, and your aspirations for the redesign.

2. Mock-Up:

Our initial design is a low-resolution black and white representation, serving as a structural guide. Engaging in ongoing dialogue, we refine the design to align with your business needs. This phase involves collecting digital assets for integration.

Website development process

1. Early Development:

Transitioning from the mock-up, we meticulously construct the final design, making subtle adjustments for enhanced visual appeal. This stage primarily focuses on developing the desktop view, establishing the core structure of the project.

2. Mid Development:

Ensuring responsiveness, we adapt the website for tablet and mobile viewing. Concurrently, we initiate the integration of links and content. While the website becomes responsive, not all content and colors may be finalized at this stage.

3. Late Development:

The website becomes fully functional, undergoing final tweaks and adjustments. All content is integrated, colors and themes are refined, and agreed-upon animations are added. We connect the custom domain, ensuring the project is ready for publication. Post-publication, we conduct an audit and implement requested changes through the Webflow platform.

Website Maintenance

Opt for our maintenance contract to ensure continuous updates and upkeep of your website. We manage content updates, resolve any bugs promptly, and ensure your online presence remains seamless.

Google Analytics Account Management:

Optionally, we offer to connect or create your Google Analytics account to track website traffic, online engagement, and conversions. Monthly reports provide insights into your website's performance. Additional services include linking online ads to Google Analytics and creating digital content, including photography and videography, to enhance your online presence.

Note: Rates for extended marketing services are variable and based on the level of involvement you seek for your business.